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The 5 Quickest Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

Even though it sounds like an impossible challenge, suppressing the urge for food and overeating (the quickest path to weight gain) can be relatively easy.

By eliminating hunger and the desire around food, your daily calorie intake will eventually drop below your maintenance level. This in turn allows you to drop those excess pounds, and even re-train your long term eating habits.

So what are the best strategies to help you suppress appetite?

Opt for Smaller Portions

One of the best tactics to suppress your urge for food would be to consume smaller, mainly protein based meals throughout the day, and increase your normal intake of water.

In truth, this may be regarded as advantageous for nearly everybody – getting 6 smaller meals instead of getting three big meals per day will help eliminate energy spikes and crashes. These blood sugar spikes are commonly thought responsible for the feeling of hunger we experience, and eating little amounts of food more regularly will work to effectively control appetite.

Drink Plenty of Water

Another trick is to consume a large glass of ice cold water when you feel hungry, this can make you feel immediately full, and studies have shown that this even has the added benefit of actually increasing the metabolism.

Additionally, consuming around a pint of mineral water 10 to 20 minutes prior to each meal also suppresses the urge for food. When performed consistently, this habit can substantially decrease the amount of food you will feel like eating.

Boost Your Fiber Intake

Also try and make sure you eating plenty of fiber throughout the day, as fiber takes a long time to be digested it will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Therefore if you feel the need to snack between meals, opt for foodstuffs which are high in fiber such as nuts or a slice of wholemeal toast, or even a delicious leafy salad – all are abundant with fiber and good for you too.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Always ensure you eat a hearty breakfast, again consuming plenty of fiber here is the key. Porridge oats topped with pure honey, or sprinkled with low calorie sweetener will keep hunger at bay for at least 3 hours.

Supplement Your Diet with an Appetite Suppressant

If you really want to suppress your appetite, one of the best ways is to supplement your diet with natural appetite suppressants. These supplements trick your brain in to thinking it’s full so you can cut out snacking and control your portion sizes.

You can also try all-in-one supplements, like Adiphene, which not only eliminate hunger pangs but also help you decrease your calorie intake, boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

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Reducing your hunger can really take the stress out of losing weight. Try some of the tips above and forget those nasty, nagging cravings making you head for the fridge.


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