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8 Ways to Reduce the Cravings for Sugar and Lose the Weight

Eating chocolate cookies

There’s always an excuse for a sugar binge

When was the last time you opened a box of chocolates and stuck to your resolution to only eat one? Have you ever had a donut and an hour or two later craved another one?

That is the nature of sugary snacks; one bite just leaves you craving more. These types of foods will satisfy your hunger pangs but they just as quickly leave you famished shortly after.

If you want to tame the cravings and lose some extra weight here’s some great advice.

Give in to the Craving

Unless you’re a sugar addict you could give in and eat a little bit of what you’re craving. This will provide a bit of satisfaction and won’t do too much harm if you can control the portions and not go beyond a 150 calorie serving.

Mix the Sugary Sweet with Something Healthy

Yes you want that chocolate bar and you want it bad. Have some chocolate but have it with a healthy snack so you get a little of what you crave and fill up on the healthy snack.

For instance a chocolate covered banana or some ice cream covered fruit are healthier alternatives to sugary sweets all by themselves.

Dear Diet...

Sounds familiar?

Quit Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey might be the best alternative for some people. In some cases the first few days might be difficult but the result is that the cravings are diminished altogether after a few days.

Gum Helps

Keep some gum handy since chewing gum has been proven to help reduce food cravings.

Develop Good Eating Habits

Whenever the cravings arise reach for something healthy instead of the sugary sweet that you crave. Fruits are a good option you’ll get the sweet you think you need along with some added fiber and nutrients.

Keep both fresh and dried fruit within reach and eat them whether or not you have a craving.

Occupy Your Body and Mind

Whenever you feel a sugar craving coming on get up and take a walk or get involved in some activity that would take your mind completely off the craving.

Eat on Time

You might be setting yourself up to give into your cravings if you allow time to lapse between meals. Eat small meals regularly in order to regulate your blood sugar level and reduce the cravings for sweet.

When you’re full you will be less likely to reach for sweets in order to instantly gratify hunger.

Try Appetite Suppressants

Supplements like Phen375 or Adiphene can make you feel full even though you’re eating less because it suppresses your appetite. These pills tricks your brain in to thinking it’s full so you can cut out snacking and control your portion sizes.

The maximum strength ingredients make these natural appetite suppressant equivalent of the prescription only Adipex.

Whatever methods you use to curb the cravings you need to remember to go easy on yourself. Habits take a while to develop but they take even longer to quit so give your body time to adjust to your new diet without the sugar.


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