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Walking to Lose Weight – More Important Than You Think

Walking to lose weight

The more you walk and the quicker your pace, the more calories you’ll burn

When we think of weight loss, we think of diets, gym work and running. With good reason, they are powerful weight loss techniques. But we don’t need to rely on high impact activity for our weight loss exercise, there are other techniques that can be useful.

One of the most overlooked exercise techniques for losing weight is walking. It is something we do everyday, that most of us can do without thinking, and it can lose us weight – and yet we never really consider it.

This is a mistake, walking can be one of the most powerful weight loss techniques there is, with a huge number of advantages.

Advantages of Walking for Weight Loss

So what advantages can walking bring for those that are looking to lose weight:

  • Efficient
    If you walk or run for the same distance, walking actually loses you more weight (assuming you are walking at a decent speed, not just strolling). This means that walking can be a very efficient method for losing weight.
  • Low impact
    One of the major problems with many exercises and sports is that they are high impact. So for those that suffer with joint problems, or who suffer injuries easily, exercise is not really an option, unless walking is taken into account.
  • No specialist equipment
    No need for gym equipment, bikes, proper kit and the like. Whilst a good pair of walking shoes is useful, we all have the equipment needed to ensure that we can use walking to help us lose our weight.
  • Easy access
    You don’t need to find a gym, or drive miles to a pool – you can start walking to lose weight as soon as you leave the front door. This means it is not limited to facilities that are available around you.
  • Social
    Unlike an exercise such as swimming, walking can be a wonderful way of being social as well as losing weight. Walking with a friend can allow you to have a chat, talk about anything and everything, from gossip to sports.
  • Entertainment
    You can use various ways to help keep you entertained as you walk. This could be window shopping as you walk through town, listening to music, walking a pet, learning a language via an MP3 or many other ways. No need to bore yourself rigid as you exercise!

As you can see there are many advantages to using walking as your weight loss technique. A healthy diet and walking for exercise can lose you more weight than you think!


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