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How to Run <span>with Diabetes</span>

How to Run with Diabetes

Diabetes is linked with obesity, metabolic syndrome and heart disease, and all of these conditions benefit from reduced body weight, increased cardiovascular fitness and improved blood sugar control. If you have the go ahead from your doctor to begin a running program, your main consideration is managing your blood sugar levels to accommodate your running. The main things to remember ... Read More »

Walking to Lose Weight – <span>More Important Than You Think</span>

Walking to Lose Weight – More Important Than You Think

When we think of weight loss, we think of diets, gym work and running. With good reason, they are powerful weight loss techniques. But we don’t need to rely on high impact activity for our weight loss exercise, there are other techniques that can be useful. One of the most overlooked exercise techniques for losing weight is walking. It is something we do everyday, that most of us can do without thinking, and it can lose us weight – and yet we never really consider it. Read More »

Running Tips <span>for Beginners</span>

Running Tips for Beginners

Novice and intermediate runners are likely to already have a weekly running routine, so your focus is likely to be upon progression and running form. For those brand new to running, or returning after a long break, here are some tips to get you started, together with a sample training program for your first six weeks. .. Read More »