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As Green as It Gets: Optimus Green Coffee

Thanks to the recommendation of green coffee beans by celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz in a section of his popular TV show titled, green coffee beans are now widely known and the benefits such as their powerful antioxidant properties combined with amazing weight loss results have been discussed at great length in the media and ...


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Summary: Our visitors' favorite green coffee beans. Read on for the reasons...

Thanks to the recommendation of green coffee beans by celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz in a section of his popular TV show titled, green coffee beans are now widely known and the benefits such as their powerful antioxidant properties combined with amazing weight loss results have been discussed at great length in the media and in scientific circles, too.

Both scientists and doctors are realizing that green coffee beans are a great natural supplement and are getting behind these beans 100%.

What Is Optimus Green Coffee?

Green Coofee Beans

Optimus Green Coffee is proven to boost metabolism, improve your body’s ability to burn fat

Brought to you by RDK Global, Optimus Green Coffee is a weight loss supplement with additional health benefits. Its creators are behind the popular fat burning supplement Phen375.

According to the manufacturer, Optimus Green Coffee will help to boost your metabolism, speed up your body’s fat burning ability and reduce the absorption of fat that is consumed in your daily diet.

All of this, without any side effects.

What Is The Key Ingredient?

Many people assume that because Optimus Green Coffee is made from coffee beans, caffeine must be the biggest and most key ingredient. This isn’t the case and the actual key ingredient to successful weight loss in Optimus is GCA (also known chlorogenic acid).

Green coffee beans have less caffeine than the traditional roasted kind, but thankfully they are filled with much more GCA which is the key to losing weight, just without the additional effects of too much caffeine.

Chlorogenic acid has been proven to increase your body’s fat burning activity and there are three main reasons for this:

  • It helps boost your metabolism and speed up the rate at which you burn calories and lose weight
  • It reduces the release of glucose into the blood stream
  • It increases fat burning activity in the liver

Avoid scammy green coffee products and choose one that will actually help you lose weight

Suggested Strength

Studies revealed that in order to get your body burning fat properly, the level of chlorogenic acid would have to be at 45% or higher. This would aid weight loss and reduce body mass.

Many of the green coffee diet pills available today contain less than the recommended 45% and contain much less, making them less efficient. Unlike other brands, Optimus Green Coffee contains 800mg green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid, with the added bonus that it is a pure ingredient with all natural qualities.

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What The Scientists Say

Several studies have shown that green coffee beans increase fat burning. The American Chemical Society have conducted a study where patients managed to successfully lose weight by taking the green coffee supplement without changing their lifestyle (i.e. no additional exercise or dieting).

Shocking Results

The results of this study showed that in only 22 weeks of taking the supplement alone, the patients lost 17 pounds on average. This converted to 10.5% of body weight and 17% body fat.

Dr. Oz Loves Green Coffee

Dr. Oz is a well-known and respected TV doctor who has endorsed green coffee extracts on his show many times. The reason he loves this weight loss supplement is because it enables people to lose weight without having to change their lifestyle at all.

He does stress that the minimum GCA level should be 45% or higher so be sure to look out for that.

Why Optimus Green Coffee Beans?

All green coffee bean supplements are the same right? Wrong! Here are some reasons why you should choose Optimus over any other green coffee product.

Looking for a green coffee supplement
  • Trusted manufacturer
    Optimus Green Coffee Supplement is made by RDK Global, a big player in the weight loss industry with GMP compliant laboratories.
  • The exact strength scientific studies recommend
    The percentage of GCA is high, so there is no need to worry about taking hundreds of pills to get the strength that is needed.
  • Works without additional exercise or dieting
    You can easily lose up to 4 pounds every month you use the supplement without even having to look at a gym or go on a diet.
  • Steady, healthy weight loss
    Optimus works by reducing the cravings you feel for sugary or fatty foods, speeding up your metabolism and helping your body burn fat more efficiently. Therefore you can lose weight steadily each week.
  • Works for men and women
    Optimus Green Coffee is not just for women trying to lose their baby fat. Anyone can take it and see amazing results.

But that’s not all; Optimus also has additional benefits:

  • Helps you to lose that stubborn fat on your arms, legs and hips
  • Helps post natal body conditioning
  • Helps to reduce puffy face
  • Helps to slim down for a specific event or occasion (hello bikini)
  • Helps you to live a happy and fulfilling life without the adverse effects of obesity

The more weight you lose, the happier you will feel and the more benefits you will gain!

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Optimus Side Effects

Because this product is completely natural and totally pure, it has been clinically proven that you can lose weight safely and without any risk to your health.

There are no reported side effects with this supplement because of its natural ingredient although women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive should check with their doctor before using this product. Those who have a sensitivity to caffeine may also want to seek medical advice.

How Should It Be Taken?

All you have to do to feel the benefits of Optimus is to take two capsules a day, one in the morning before breakfast and one before dinner. Just remember to take them with a full glass of water.

Inside every pack you will find a month’s supply (60 capsules)

Where Can I Buy Optimus?

Optimus can only be purchased online via their official website. If you see Optimus on a site that doesn’t look genuine or is selling away from their official website then those products may be fake and do not contain the natural ingredients or give you the benefits that Optimus does.

The More You Buy, the More You Save

You can save money and lose weight at the same time and with Optimus you can currently buy 2 bottles you will get another for free, or if you buy 3 bottles you will get another 2 for free!

As Optimus recommends taking the product for at least 3 months to see results, these deals are great for your waistline and your wallet!

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