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5 Reasons Diets Fail and How to Fix Them

Have you ever wondered why you always seem to fail at dieting? One day you’re on it and it’s going so well and then two or three days later you completely blew the diet.

There are a number of reasons diets fail; here are the top five reasons.

Don't quit

You Quit Too Easily

You’re just getting started and you sabotage your diet by not resisting that carton of ice cream that you shouldn’t have had in your refrigerator in the first place. You immediately realize that you cheated and instead of pressing on you throw in the towel and give up on the diet altogether.

Realize that sometimes it is okay to cheat as long as you show some restraint.

Plan a special reward for staying on course and when you do have that reward make some plans to work it out at the gym.

The Diet Was Only a Temporary Weight Loss Solution

Your ex called you up for a date after many years and you want to look good so you go on a crash diet to drop some weight fast. Yes, it’s good to diet to look your best before a special occasion but diets that are used as quick fixes rather than permanent lifestyle changes make it easy to put on more weight when you’re off the diet.

Set a more long term goal to lose the weight. Make changes that you can manage for a lifetime which will give you great results that are more permanent.

You Are Leaving Out a Food Group


Seafood has fewer calories and less fat than red meat. And it’s delicious

Low carb diets, no carbs diet, no proteins or no whatever may sound good at the time and may provide results but they are difficult to maintain in the long run.

Eat certain foods in moderation rather than eliminating them altogether from your diet.

A good diet plan, such as the Mediterranean diet, will include foods from all major food groups but there are some that you must eat in moderation if you want to have healthy body.

You Are an Emotional Eater

You’re stressed out at work or just had an argument with your spouse and the only way that you can cope is to indulge in some unhealthy snacks. Your diet goes out the door once you start relieving your emotion with food.

Recognize that food only provides temporary satisfaction but leaves behind unwanted consequences. Do something worthwhile like exercise to relieve the stress and clear your mind.

You Haven’t Included Exercise in Your Weight Loss Plan

Treadmill running

Starting an exercise program is a great first step toward general health

There is a point in your diet where your weight plateaus if you’re not exercising. Your diet will only bring you so far and when you’ve reached that plateau you need to acknowledge that diet alone cannot give you what you want. When you see the numbers stop going down, you might be tempted to give up on your diet. Don’t!

Include an exercise regime with your diet plans to get the full benefits of eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Feeling too tired to exercise? You can try a supplement, such as Adiphene, which helps you feel more energetic and be able to train at a higher intensity level. Not only increasing your energy, Adiphene also helps you burn more calories and store less fat because it increases your metabolism and increases your body’s fat burning ability.

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