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Outsmart Your Body with These Sneaky Tips for Faster Success

Often we can fall into a rut with our workout and fitness regime. Sometimes we are working hard but just not getting the results we crave in terms of fat loss and fitness. Often you will get results at the beginning of a fitness plan, only to plateau a few months down the line.

There Is a Better Way!

There are things that you could be missing, small changes which could really help you to get the most out of your fitness plan and finally achieve the results you want. A lot of people will overlook these small details that can make all the difference.

Let’s have a sneak peek now at some of the top tips to help you outsmart your body and get the optimal fat loss.

Cheat Days

Our bodies have not yet evolved to suit the modern times. They are still very effective at storing calories (which was a very useful function in caveman times when food could be few and far between). If you are on a diet that restricts calories, your body will soon get smart to this and may respond by slowing your metabolism to compensate!

How to overcome this? Simple, add a ‘cheat day’!

A cheat day is a day when you can slack off a bit and not be so restrictive with your calorie intake, and eat some of the naughty foods you feel like, without going overboard. How cool is that?

Your body then responds to the additional calories by ramping up the metabolism, and you are free to resume your healthy diet with better results.

This approach can boost fat loss, providing you are sensible. Having the odd treat day is very different from giving in to your desires and eating whatever you feel whenever you feel.

Vary Your Workouts

Your body gets used to doing one type of activity and actually ends up burning less energy doing that activity than if you tried something new. This is a common reason for hitting a plateau on many workout plans.

We can trick our bodies though by changing the type of activity we do.

If you swim one day try hitting the gym the next. If you like to run on the treadmill when you visit the gym try doing a weights session. Using a varied approach to your workout keeps your body guessing, revs up the metabolism and burns the maximum amount of calories and fat.

Take a Break from the Diet Every Couple of Weeks

In a similar vein to regularly changing your workout, try using a two week diet plan. This way your body never gets used to the diet, which can cause a slowing down of the metabolism. So just as your body acclimatizes to the plan you will come off the plan and have a short break.

As a rule do the diet for 3-4 weeks and then take one week off. This process can be repeated until you achieve your goals.

Speed Up Your Results with Supplements

Fat burners and all-in-one weight loss supplements, such as Adiphene, can speed up your weight loss results. Adiphene contains 12 powerful fat fighters, making it one of the most powerful fat loss formula available today.

Adiphene not only boosts your metabolism, but also increases your energy, suppresses your appetite and decrease your calorie intake.

So now you have some very easy tricks to help you outsmart your body and get the most out of diet and fitness plan. Enjoy the results.


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