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How to Do Dieting the Right Way

There are far too many fad diets out there. Some of them will help you lose weight, but they are unsustainable over the long term, can damage your health, and when you stop doing them the weight, and often more, will simply come right back.

Which means that fad diets are out. What you need is a diet that is based on a proper understanding of a person’s health and dietary needs. This means you also need to understand what your body needs and why you should be eating certain food types.

Broad Spectrum

When it comes to dieting you first of all need to understand that your body needs a broad spectrum of food types. You may hear such information as ‘avoid fats’, and ‘carbs are bad’. This is NOT the case, for instance your body needs certain fats in order to survive, fats that your body won’t simply create by itself.

That is not to say you should be eating everything, but instead understand that to lose weight by dieting you need to carefully consider anything you are cutting out. Moderation is the key, NOT simply arbitrarily cutting foods out.


Our bodies need a complex combination of foods, vitamins, minerals and the like. It is important that we get a combination these foods – which is why you need to be eating a wide range of foods, not cutting out huge swathes like fad diets suggest we do.

As we said, moderation is where it is at. You need to know what you are eating, and eat the right kinds of foods. This means not ignoring fatty foods, but eating foods such as fish which have a lot of healthy fats in them.

Carbs provide us with vital energy that our body needs to move around, protein helps us to build muscle and replace damaged fibers. Various vegetables give us the minerals and vitamins we need for healthy food processes.

So what then is the right way to diet?

To lose weight we need to ensure that:

  • we eat foods with the RIGHT fats
  • we limit carbs to what we need
  • we get plenty of protein

Fad diets too often take part of this information and twist it…they hear carbs can put weight on and so say we should cut them out.

Instead we should be looking at how much we intake. Not calorie counting, but ensuring that the combinations are in order. This takes proper dietitian advice, tailored to our needs. Not mean buying into whatever nationalist for hire a diet can wheel out to support their claims.

Do you follow a proper diet but still can’t lose weight? Have you hit a weight-loss plateau? Have you already tried several pills to speed up your weight loss?

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