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Healthy Diet Tips: Cut Down Calories When Eating Out

Cut Down Calories When Eating Out

Eating out can be detrimental to your diet. The meals are packed with calories, and usually come in very large portions. There is a reason why a restaurant steak tastes so good, and it probably has to do with the stick of butter it was prepared in.

The chef may not be concerned about the calorie content of the meals that are being prepared, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it either.

Dining tips that can help prevent fat gain include:

Eat a Salad

Before you order a salad, pay careful attention to what’s going on it. The menu will usually give you a list of foods used to make the salad such as croutons, nuts, cheese, and the type of lettuce. You may be better off eating a spinach salad, than regular lettuce, which does not contain any nutritional benefit.

Spinach salad is packed with iron, and other healthy vitamins. A lot of dry fruit or nuts are healthy, but contain a lot of calories. Cheeses, eggs, and certain salad dressings can drive up the calorie content as well. Use a light dressing, versus a very heavy one, such as ranch or blue cheese.

Watch Fish

Fish is a healthy choice, but it depends on how it is prepared. If the fish is breaded, or deep fried in oil, it is no longer the heart healthy dish it was meant to be. Fresh fish prepared with lemon instead of butter is a healthier alternative to any of the other recipes mentioned.

If you’re not sure about how the fish is prepared, or its quality, consider ordering chicken instead. Grilled chicken is a low calorie, heart healthy alternative.

Portion Control

Consider eating a smaller portion of food at the restaurant, in order to cut calories. You could also consider choosing an appetizer, in place of a main dish. Appetizers are usually pretty generous, and can be paired with a side salad to create a full balanced meal. Choosing shrimp cocktail with a side salad, will provide the protein, and meet the requirement for a small portion controlled meal.

Side Dishes

You may also want to be on alert when ordering side dishes. Vegetables are usually always a great choice; however, restaurants tend to cook them in butter. Although rice is considered to be a healthy side, it is often times cooked with butter as well. If you have a choice between brown rice, versus white rice, the first usually offers a healthier alternative. Brown rice is also often gluten free, in case you have other health considerations when choosing a meal.

Deep-fried foods are a disaster if you are trying to cut calories while eating out. Try to resist the urge to order any onion rings, fries, or anything fried in oil.

You can also try dietary supplements, like Phen375, that not only improves your metabolism, energy level, mental alertness and your fat burning capabilities, but also controls your appetite so you can stick to your diet plan while eating out.

When you eat out, make a conscious effort in cutting down on calories. If you use any of these tips, it is possible to eat out without gaining weight.


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