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Exercising: Are Your Stats Healthy or Is Inactivity Your Stats?

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We lead extremely sedentary lifestyles in today’s world

Physical activity is not only healthy, but more often than not, part of the package when you want to lose weight. Ideally physical activity should be part of the daily routine. However, there are many adults who ignore this important aspect of staying healthy.

The modern lifestyle of inactivity, alongside with eating habits, play a major role in the number of adults suffering from obesity. The new “enemy” that threatens the increase of illnesses such as heart diseases, cancer, stroke and diabetes, is inactivity.

The time has come to take action.

What do you think exercise trends are currently? Are you the norm? Do you fall into the group of inactivity? Which stats do you want to be part of?

Aerobic Exercises


Aerobic activity will help you burn more calories

Aerobic exercises are the type of activities that push your heart rate up and keep it high for a specific time. You are probably thinking, “That amount of exercise will give me a heart attack.” The opposite is true. Aerobic exercises strengthen the heart muscles, and thereby decreasing chances of heart attacks or any other cardiovascular diseases.

While you are strengthening your heart muscles, you are also burning calories with aerobic exercises. The extra calories you are burning with the exercise will counterbalance the additional calories you have eaten.

Only 46.9 percent of the population are doing enough aerobic exercises. That is less than half of the population.

Aerobic exercises are not confined to the gym: on the treadmill, elliptical or bike. A fast paced walk after a meal that pushes up your heart rate is also classified as aerobic exercise.

Twenty minutes of aerobic exercise five days a week is a good goal to aim for, and it is not too difficult to reach.

Strength Training Exercises

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Strength training is important for maintaining the total amount of lean muscle mass

Strength training exercises are anaerobic physical exercises aimed at upholding the lean body mass your body has. It also helps in keeping muscle and bones healthy, and increasing the metabolic rate.

Due to the nature of strength training exercises, it is common amongst bodybuilders and weightlifters. Exercises based on bodyweight, using weights and weight machines are generally used for these types of exercises.

If you thought the percentage for aerobic exercises are low, you will be shocked to know that only 24 percent of adults, who fall in the category for this type of exercise, actually do enough strength training.

Three 20 minutes strength training exercises per week are more than enough to train all major muscle groups.

Aerobic and Strength

Americans who meet the criteria for doing enough aerobic exercises and strength training exercises are about 20.4 percent of the population.

You need less than an hour each day to exercise enough to meet necessary requirements in both groups. One hour each day is not that much to give to improve your health.

Be in the right group of statistics, the group that does something about their overweight and health. Start an exercise schedule that works for you, eat healthier and regularly; you can even try a weight loss supplement, such as Adiphene which helps in fighting against excess weight. You will be surprised how quickly you start losing weight and your body comes into shape.

Take the first step today in leading an overall healthier life.


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