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Boost Your Metabolism to Lose Fat

Weight loss is hard; never let any one convince you otherwise. There are two basics of weight loss that you need to adhere to. Firstly you need to burn more calories (exercise) and secondly you need eat less calories (dieting). Any combination of the two is how most people will lose weight.

Despite there not being anyway around doing at least one of those two aspects (and from the point of view of losing weight, ideally both), there are ways that you can become more efficient at it.

One of the most common ways that people turn to is finding out how they can increase their metabolism. This matters because it is the metabolism that decides how many calories we are burning at any given moment.

Did you know that you are always burning calories? Whether you are running a marathon, taking the kids to school, ironing a shirt or just slobbing out in front of the TV, you are burning calories. Exercise works because it burns more calories than you otherwise would. But what determines how many calories you burn is also your metabolism.

This means that if you make your metabolism more efficient, you are going to be able to burn calories off quicker and soon have a leaner, slimmer you.

But how then to boost the metabolism? Thankfully there are a number of ways!

How to Boost Your Metabolism


This might sound a tad clichéd, recommending exercise as a weight loss technique. But not only does it burn more calories on the spot it also enhances your metabolism over time as well…after exercise your metabolism will be raised, and after enough time exercising your metabolism ‘base level’ will also start to creep up.

Eat After Exercise

It can be hard to do so; I know I am never hungry after swimming for example. But your metabolism is boosted at that moment, so any food you do eat will be broken down faster, and calories burned rather than stored as fat.

Eat the Right Foods

What the right foods are is a WHOLE new subject, but for the most part aim to use spicy foods, which are shown to be useful metabolism boosters. Caffeine also works, though be careful of side effects. Others such as green tea and certain herbs (great in curries) can work wonders.

Drink Well

For your metabolism to be in top condition it needs to be well hydrated, so make sure you are drinking enough water and other fluids (if you are exercising especially look into electrolyte replacement drinks).

Sleep More

Your body is sluggish when it doesn’t get enough sleep, and so is your metabolism. Don’t deprive yourself of shut eye and you could well be watching the weight drop off. Though obviously when you are awake, you can’t watch anything when you are asleep!

Take Supplements

You can turbocharge your metabolism with supplements. Many natural compounds, like caffeine, capsaicin, theobromine or cinnamon, have a thermogenic effect. Taking supplements which contain thermogenics is shown to drive up heat in the body to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

An all-in-one formula, such as Adiphene, can not only boost your metabolism, but also can reduce your calorie intake, suppress your appetite and speed up the rate in which you burn away those extra pounds.

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These simple, every day tips on boosting your metabolism are a breeze to include into your own life – and if you are serious about trying to lose the extra pounds that you have put on make sure that you start incorporating them today!


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