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Are Weight Loss Drugs Safe?

Are weight loss drugs safe?

Should you take prescription weight loss pills?

We live in an amazing age of wonder drugs that can solve almost any problem safely. Today everyone is looking for the fastest and easiest solution to every problem.

Weight loss is right there near the top of that list of problems.

Weight Gain Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Most people who end up obese gain their weight a few ounces at a time over a long period of time. There is not much effort involved.

People tend to want to lose weight with the same degree of effort and weight loss drugs seem to be the ready solution to accomplish this, but are these weight loss drugs safe? The answer is, it depends on many factors.

Prescription Weight Loss Pills

There are many types of prescription weight loss drugs and also a few over the counter weight loss pills.

Most of these weight loss drugs works by decreasing a person’s appetite and increasing the feeling of fullness when a person does eat. Just think about Phentermine or Adipex-P which are used medically as an appetite suppressant.

Another group of prescription weight loss drugs, including Xenical or Orlistat,  blocks the absorption of fat in order to create a calorie deficit.

All of them work for some people to some degree. They also all have potentially dangerous side effects.

Warnings and Precautions

There are a few precautions that any person should take before turning to either prescription or over the counter weight loss drugs.

Visit Your Doctor

Of course the first step is a visit to the doctor. This is obviously taken care of before anyone can obtain any of the prescription weight loss drugs, but you should visit your doctor before you take any type of weight loss pill. In fact, you should visit the doctor before you start any weight loss program.

Diet & Exercise

You should use a normal diet and exercise program – even if your doctor is willing to prescribe drugs – if you need to lose less than 50 pounds. You should not be willing to risk the side effects of drugs when there are other alternatives unless your weight is causing an immediate, drastic health problem.

Weight Loss Drugs Are Not Magic Pills

You should also realize that any weight loss drug is just an aid to help with dieting. They are not a magic solution to your weight problem. You will still have to work on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

So the best option is not to use drugs unless you really need them because you are morbidly obese, or have a problem such as high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. However, natural weight loss supplements, such as Adiphene, may speed up weight loss without any side effects.

Follow the Directions

If you do decide that weight loss drugs are appropriate for you, in order to be safe you must be sure to follow the directions closely. This includes following any diet plan that you are given to accompany your drug regimen.

Some weight loss drugs will have adverse effects when combined with particular foods. For example, the drug Orlistat stops your body from absorbing fat, but can cause severe digestive disturbances if you eat too much of certain foods!

Other weight loss drugs can cause increased blood pressure and heart arrhythmias in addition to digestive issues if you don’t follow the prescribed diet.

So weight loss drugs can indeed be taken safely, but the smart thing to do is to carefully weigh the benefits versus the risks before you try this weight loss solution.


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