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The Abs Diet and Fat Burners

While taking weight loss supplements, it is advisable to use a diet plan than advocates eating 6 meals a day. Fat burners with a proper diet and exercise regime help you quickly and dramatically shed fat and pounds.

Power Foods and Interval Training

The editor of Men’s Health magazine, David Zinczenko, created the Abs Diet. It centers around consuming 6 meals that are spaced out over the course of a day. Each meal consists of a couple of the diet’s “12 Power Foods”.

This diet is a 6 week nutrition plan and its goal is to foster muscle growth and to jump-start the body’s fat burning furnace.

Along with the diet plan is a fitness program that incorporates interval training. This aids weight loss and increases overall health and fitness. If you already take fat burners, it may be a great diet plan to use.

What to Eat

The diet plan features a variety of foods beneficial to weight loss. You get healthy fats from almonds, walnuts, beans and legumes.

You also add spinach and other dark green vegetables which are rich in vitamins. You can eat low-fat and fat-free dairy like cheese, milk, and yogurt; these also provide much needed calcium that keeps your bones strong and healthy.

Eat protein from all natural peanut butter and keep your servings to no more than 3 tablespoons.

Also eat eggs, turkey, fish, and other lean meats such as steak and chicken. Protein supports muscle growth and development while keeping your full.

Breads you eat need to be whole grain as well as the cereals. These will provide you with needed fiber and are more nutritious than traditional white breads and non-enriched cereals.

Whey Protein

You may also consider supplementing your diet with whey protein. This provides additional protein and aids in weight loss.

A body made of more muscle has a higher metabolism and burns more calories.

Smart Snacks

Choose fruit such as strawberries, melon and raspberries. This makes a great low calorie snack.

One of the advantages of this diet plan is that it does not rely on traditional calorie counting. And although it’s geared to guys, there’s lots of good advice about eating and exercise that women dieters can also use.

You Won’t Become Bored

It also incorporates a meal each week where you are free to eat what you like. This keeps people from becoming bored or frustrated.


Exercise consists of strength training three times a week. Some workouts focus on building core strength and others utilize interval training and cardio on the days you are not strength training.

For the first two weeks when you begin the eating plan, you can exercise if you desire. You start slowly by walking.

Later as your stamina and strength increase, you can use other workouts and increase your weight loss.

Why It’s Recommended

This particular diet is aimed at building muscles. Higher muscle density consumes more calories than a body with a low amount of muscle. This concept is a great combination with fat burning supplements, such as Phen375 or Adiphene, because their ingredients are optimal for muscle building.

Eating 6 meals will work quite well because it allows you to eat often and avoid feeling hungry.

Protein in this diet along with the fat burners helps your body regulate its hormones. You burn more calories, have a higher metabolism and benefit from bigger muscles. The pills support metabolism, help regulate your appetite and help you get rid of fat more effectively.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water with this plan because water keeps you full and hydrated. Water helps your body get rid of toxins and wastes. It’s recommended that you drink a glass of water hourly, during the day. Only 8 ounces per hour keeps you on track.

The Abs diet does not reinvent the wheel; it uses proven diet science.


Fat burners and all-in-one supplements support your metabolism, muscle growth and help you regulate your appetite. The 6 meals a day provides the body with necessary nutrition and vitamins. It keeps the body’s fat burning furnace going strong.


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